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Selected Works

Selected Works Thumbnails


12 x 2 x 2 inches, each

Artist Statement

The “Mummified Barbies” acknowledge Barbie as an icon, as idealized and exaggerated as any mythological depiction of Venus or Aphrodite. By concealing the attributes and accessories that characterize her image, I aim to locate Barbie in a long history of glamorized feminine figures. Wrapping and silencing this vivacious action figure into a phallic totem, we have a chance to see her more objectively. Mummifying and shrouding Barbie literally ties her to ancient and ongoing cultural practices of fetishizing the female form. "Mummifying" Barbie has been a long-term project that plays with preserving her unearthly proportions by concealing them eternally. -E.V. Day

"Mummified Barbies are E.V. Day's ongoing multiple project, exploring western cultural ideas surrounding beauty and the often obsessive quest in contemporary society to preserve female beauty. Ironically, as Day mummifies or preserves the Barbies, their stereotypical beauty is concealed, and their iconic figure is transformed into something more playfully subversive." -Andrea Cashman