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Mixed media installation of three components: Ceiling: slotted steel angle, monofilament, turnbuckles and hardware, Walls: vinyl inkjet prints, Glass Breaker: slag glass, metal display and clear plexiglass vitrine.


May 16th - October 27th, 2019

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E. V. Day’s Breaking the Glass Ceiling is an immersive installation designed to confront unseen forces and encourage visitors to contemplate what lies beyond the inherent boundaries placed on us all. In doing so Day represents this invisible boundary - as an ephemeral ceiling of monofilament, just over our heads and out of reach. The shimmering translucent lines are akin to the golden rays in Renaissance paintings depicting fantastical spiritual transmissions, or to imagined Wi-Fi signals broadcasting through a room, and to laser trip-wires enforcing a borderline (that always gets surpassed in the movie). Using oversized high tension cable hardware, turnbuckles and fishing line pulled taut to an industrial slotted angle matrix, Day creates a force field of tension further illuminating the culture of exclusivity that is manufactured into our world and poisons our planet. What lies beyond is unknown, but her installation implies that the tools for its deconstruction are available. The gallery space is further bisected by expansive photographs she made by shattering computer screens and tempered glass in her studio, and transforming the resulting images into sweeping, massive canvases that reference both the fragility of glacial landscapes and the optimism of cosmic exploration.