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UFO Sighting: An exhibition of free form thongs and G-Strings entitled “G-Force” has opened at the Whitney Museum of American Art at the Philip Morris building in Manhattan. The exhibit is designed by E.V. Day, an artist known for exploring “cultural fetishism and the interplay of desire, fantasy and popular culture,” said a museum spokeswoman.

Day used candy pink thongs by Fredericks’s of Hollywood to create groups of schematic flying shapes that reference both birds and fighter jet planes. Pedestrians taking a lunch break, enjoying a caffe latte or waiting for a commuter train at nearby Grand Central Station can view some 200 of these high flying undies, which hang from the ceiling in formations based on flight patterns of birds and man-made flying objects. 

The idea is to “create abstractions of flight and movement that animate the boundary between indoor and outdoor space, said the spokeswoman. 

The exhibit tuns through January 4th, 2002.