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Wedded Bliss - Publications - E.V. Day

Weddings are among the most universal social ceremonies, and Wedded Bliss: The Marriage of Art and Ceremony explores the aesthetic expressions related to weddings--paintings, sculptures, photographs, decorative objects, textiles, and even cakes--from a selection of international cultures since the eighteenth century. Comparisons among the Euro-American "white wedding" tradition and vibrant marriage ceremonies in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific region are among the book's many special features.

Five authors bring their perspectives as art historians, artists, cultural historians, and sociologists to essays that explore diverse aesthetic and cultural themes--the dynamics of identity; tradition and changing social values; ritual and ceremony as performing arts; spirituality and religion; and displays of status and prestige. These thoughtful discussions of weddings as the impetus for creativity provide fresh insights into a familiar subject and probe a complex, often highly charged, human experience.